Musical Notes

Musical Notes

In this game you play the note that appears on the staff

In this game you play the note that appears on the staff. At first the notes will be simple notes that spans only one ocatve with no sharps and flats, as the game progresses more difficult notes will be presented and the frequency of appearance of the notes will also increase. You can test your fluency with musical notes in this game.Musical Notes is a simple but difficult memory game in which you must play notes on the piano as they appear on the staff. For this, you must learn the instructions by heart to memorize the piano keys that correspond to each note appearing on the screen. When you miss a note or press a wrong one, you will lose a life. You have a total of 5 lives, and when you lose them all, the game is over. The game includes several levels and they get more and more challenging as you progress.

It should be noted that the game features simple but nice graphics, suitable sounds, and very pleasant instrumental music. The game can be played online or can be downloaded to your computer, and you can even play it in full screen if you want. Once the game is over, you can publish the results in various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, or you can send them via email to a friend. In short, Musical Notes is a good game for those who love music. If you are not into music, you may find it boring and frustrating.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Very challenging
  • Nice graphics and lovely music
  • Several levels to play
  • Free


  • It can be a bit frustrating
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